That’s what she said: Is the future littered with Corona-babies?

Will you be my Quarantine? The COVID-19 global health emergency is bringing along facets that nobody saw coming in a long time. The news of UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries testing positive for the novel Coronavirus made headlines around the second week of March. Today she made an interesting tweet which is in line with the prediction several Population-trend experts were making – that by 2021, there is a strong possibility of another baby boom.



One of the most noteworthy baby-booms in history happened in the US, post-World-War II. All the delay in marrying and having babies the Americans had been making during the Great Depression and World War II came to its fruitful end by the end of the war and the period of economic prosperity that ensued thereafter. Today these boomers are in their retirement phase.


Baby-boom in the US post WWII


Long before I had the maturity to understand such predictions, several Population-trend experts still in high school made sure their remarkable observation did enough rounds – that Indians (certainly, not probably!) made way more babies in times when electricity had not reached all the nooks and corners of the subcontinent. The baby-making business is as much a matter of opportunity, as of possibility. Though there may have been a handful of factors for this, I don’t see how they could have been entirely wrong. And on account of this priming, immediately before I could analyze the Government of India imposed 21-day nationwide lockdown from any humanitarian angle, I came to observe it from the kink angle.


See sex different. Amidst the epidemic crisis, the GOI has been taking interesting measures to ensure people have more than enough incentive to stay home in the course of the 21-days lockdown. Apart from scheduling the re-telecast of several TV shows from Chanakya to Byomkesh Bakshi – which have been known to freeze traffic and engage the 90s public like never before, it has also lifted the porn ban, following up on the news that several porn sites have made its premium content free for the quarantine season. I cannot recall the last time in history when any government made a cleverer move.

Building upon the premise that the current GOI holds the glorious past of India in really high regards, I strongly intend to propose that while people around the globe already have all the push they need to indulge into pornography and the aftermath, the manuals Indians and the Middle-Easterners came up with centuries ago for educational purposes should also be made to see the light of the day.



Don’t Just do it! As much as these are cosmic decisions, childbearing also brings an economic shift. If amid this global crisis, an economic slowdown is to follow, as is highly expected, experts call this to be a time to make saner private decisions. The last recessions lowered the birth rate in the US. Amidst social distancing warnings, quarantined people and lockdowns around the globe, governments can only prepare for all possible scenarios since it seems difficult to divorce the possibility of one prediction from the other.


Featured picture by Shalom Christopher


3 Replies to “That’s what she said: Is the future littered with Corona-babies?”

    1. It hadn’t been full six months since I’d said “Fuck Biotechnology”, and on my face, it’s becoming super mainstream so quickly.
      If they continue to pay peanuts to researchers while sucking their life, then we hope no disorders follow!

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