F-word issues!

In the current age of political correctness, life is a constant battle between to be or not to be. One major debate that outshines many others is feminism. ‘Feminism’ – an amazing idea but a bad word (most f-words are!).

The proposition of men and women being treated equally, in terms of them getting equal rights, opportunities, education, and pay is the fundamental on which this concept was built (I think it is also clever that the word “equality” is not used outright for it), but now it is much more!

I have issues with feminism. I’m taking this post to talk about why I refuse to be identified as a feminist. (If you’re already pissed at this point, please read this article on anger management first!)

Every reform movement comes with a set of questions attached to it. They are: –

  1. Is the reasoning behind this reform movement legit?
  2. ‎What is the desired outcome of it?
  3. ‎Is the agenda driving this reform headed in the direction of the outcome?

Most people align with feminism because it answers the first question affirmatively. The reasoning is a win-win. It is extensively laid with facts, stats, and headlines that make us angry and drive us crazy and push us to think if half the world even identifies women as human beings. We are collectively infuriated. But are we a little too quick at this reasoning?

Some flaws for example:

Female foeticide is a feminist issue!

It is horrendous that foetuses identified as females are aborted. The pre-math is profusely misogynistic. Ending premature female lives is wrong in the sanest sense.

Let this lead us to another question: what kind of foeticide is agreeable? Quick answer: – General (Preferably: not female!)

My brain has often twisted at the reasoning that somehow feminists fight against both – female foeticide and abortion ban. If one, backed with some very refutable logic, argues that a woman should be allowed to keep or dismiss a foetus according to her will, how can now this person go on to tell other women on the planet which foetus to keep and which to abort? Is it a group of people who have a collective say overall foetuses in the world? If a feminist can abort because – well – she does not want the baby, why can another woman not abort because – well – she does not want the baby? Either all abortions are unbecoming, or female foeticide is okayish. You decide!

Sexual exploitation is a feminist issue!

Sadly enough, I have to break this news to the rest of us that sexual exploitation is not a feminist issue. It is a human issue in general. Women and men and children (of both sexes) are equally susceptible to it. More often than not the perpetrators are men (but not always!) Also, in many cases, women “assist” men in carrying out their hunt. Thankfully, for women, it is somehow more acceptable to talk about sexual abuse than it is for men. Men are prototyped to be beasts with no boundaries of their own and wanting it from every other man or woman all the time. What we hear and read is what is sensationalized. But do we want to hear stories of manhandled boys? Are we prepared to read hashtagmetoo on men’s posts? Most importantly, when we do, what are we going to do about it? The bottom line is: many issues which feminists get furious over are not even feminist issues! They are human issues. There is something inherently wrong with humans.

However, certain issues ARE feminist issues. Inequality in pay, education, and opportunities, for instance. At this point, another brain-twisting logic is brought to us by those who are angry with angry feminists: – “If equality is what women want, why don’t they argue against separate coaches and separate seats for women in metro and local trains?” This is less of anger and more of sexual tension talking!

At this point, we settle in our hearts for now that some issues are real feminist issues (read: equality issues) and we want to launch an attack at them. This brings us to respond to the second question. The desired outcome of feminism is to reduce/put an end to practices that stem from mis-o-gyny (hatred for females/ biases against females).


How do we do this, and what is stopping us!

There are many factors that come in between feminists and their desired outcome of feminism. Interestingly, misogynistic people are not a ‘factor’. They are at the other end. Between these feminists and them is a 10-yards table on which feminists have stomped their resentment. When a misogynist looks in the direction of a feminist, they almost cannot see them at all. Between them is this huge pile of fury. The misogynist minces looking at this pile and their inbuilt dislike strengthens. Fury ignites fury. To a feminist, anger comes natural. But is anger clever? More importantly, will anger EVER encourage a misogynist to suddenly drop down their existential practices in your favor? Is your agenda headed in the direction of your probable outcome? Factually, if you are furious, you don’t have an agenda. Because fury does not work against hate. Feminism – read better as “Your hatred for me makes me angry. A hateful you and an angry me can together solve this problem!”

Feminism barely qualifies for half of the three essential questions it must answer in order to be considered impactful enough for long-term reform. This makes it safe to say that it is a naive notion – too natural – which will always exist and will never reach the end-post.

Plot twist: I propose that women must not be treated equal to men. Dare you treat me like one of your boys!

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