Only love is real

I remember the day you said
Everything happens for the ‘better good’.
That pain and joy are nothing but
What dances over masks.
And deep inside, you said there is
A huge quiet that changes not.
That it just is the way it is,
While there’s nothing right, there’s nothing wrong.

You looked at me and then you spoke
Of mysteries that had always been
Of kings that were kings no more,
Of women that had once been queens.
You said “My child! You fear not,
For your empty hands are always yours,
And then what comes and all that goes,
All of that was never yours!

My child! The world has changed not,
It all has been forever here,
You are my child and not the world’s,
That you should not be unto fear.
What is a man but flesh and soul,
And all he says and all he does,
And all that has grown in him,
Is put into an actor’s role.

My child you should not fear them,
And no fear does my love conceal,
For in the end, there’s nothing else,
I tell you, only love is real.”


Photo by: Shalom Christopher

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