First year at college: It sucks!

Please make it a point to not read this blog in excitement. A school, college or anything near to it can never be appealing or exciting to me in any manner. I just am writing it for the sake of writing it even if it doesn’t make sense.

Mr. Naresh ringed on my phone when I did not know it was him or who he was. It was a combined effort of people who tried to convince me and people who took the decision for me. That’s how I landed in SHIATS. After a round of document verification in the badminton court stadium, I got my I.D. card printed. I had become 13BTBIOT060.

The first few weeks felt like sessions of Takeshi’s castle. We tried to spot and memorize the CBTs and lecture halls, libraries and canteens. Everybody found company, some found friends, I found Gaurav, Pushpita and Shalom. It wasn’t like buying three tomatoes from the market, it was like buying a potato, a tomato and a green chilly so that you can cook one complete curry (trying to say: they are all different and spiced up life in different ways). There are many others but they weren’t a confident part of my first year (so you people need to wait for the sequel to get your part of courtesy).
Throughout the year, my tomato, potato and green chilly never found peace with each other but my constant cooking effort put us into a dish called PAGS that lost its flavor by the beginning of the second year. (The three of you, I don’t know about the nearest future but right now it doesn’t seem to be working and I’ve already raised the white flag on my part.)

Besides PAGS, I tried to team up with Shiats Photography Club and I guess it made sense in a whole different way. Why I joined a photography club remains to be the strangest mystery to me but it brought me across people I’m glad having met in this lifetime. (I again don’t know about the nearest future but, Mandav Prakash, the way I am at ease with you right now, I am with none other.)

I spotted rare potential dates at SHIATS and it “neffer effer” worked out. (I may be trying to tell you that I’m single without being diplomatic about it.)

Some of the events that mark my memory are –

  • University freshers: where nobody got acknowledged or introduced properly.
  • Department freshers: perhaps 2 degrees better than birthday parties.
  • The day we tried to go to hanuman mandir and landed in KFC instead.
  • My 18th birthday when I felt okay by the end of the day.
  • Lucknow seminar days that were totally another story.
  • Last day of the session when I was sitting in the love lane and wondering how suddenly things pass by, in one blink of the eye.

Places I liked in SHIATS:

  • My tree in the genetics department (equivalent to the wooden bench in my romantic fantasy)
  • The 2nd stairs in the university playground (where I sit and stare when I’m not in my best mood)
  • “Love-lane”
  • The bamboo forest (when I am when I’m running away from everything else)


Second year for me may be a totally different experience. If I were a palmist, I’d say: my batch mates are going to like me 50% more or less. Also I’m going to loose grip of several friends; my grades are about to rise (?); I’m yet discovering how my guitar works and …some lovely people are always going to be there beyond the boundaries of a sucking college life.

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